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Addison Mizner Style Palm Beach Home

Mizner's concept of architect was that he did not just design a building, but also its interior decoration and gardens.

His houses were generally one room deep to allow cross-ventilation, with kitchens located in wings to keep their heat away from living areas. Kitchens were also located downwind of the dining area. They were built with courtyards on various levels, replete with arcades and lofty galleries; rooms featured exposed rafters and vaulted ceilings; tiled pools and mosaics were said to resemble those of Pompeii  (if that is not another of Mizner's exaggerations). Other characteristic features included loggiascolonnades, clusters of columns supporting archesFrench doorscasement windowsbarrel tile roofs, hearths, grand stairways and decorative ironwork.


Lee Wells touches on Mizner's flavor in this example of a Palm Beach masterpiece.

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